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Another Pork Loin Roast

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Did a small pork loin roast on the weber kettle today.  I injected it with creole butter and rubbed it with cajun shake.




Used the smokenator and roast rack mounted on alum foil covered bricks (with grill removed) and the PM iQ110 ATC doing the babysitting while I took a nap the football game. :)




The Pitmaster iQ110 ATC kept it rock solid during the entire cook.  I stirred the coals once about an hour before the finish.




I pulled it off the Weber at 145* internal and wrapped it in foil while making the glaze.






Finished it with a bourbon, apricot, honey, dijon mustard, cayenne glaze. 





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Looks great- pass me a margarita please 

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Looks great- pass me a margarita please 

Comin your way - salt or not salt?


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Cadillac with salt please 

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Looks real Guuuuuuuuuuuddddd!!!!!!!!  Ohhh!! Yeahhh!!!

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That looks wonderful! 

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Looks great!


For our house, we would have pulled it at about 125+ and let it rise to 135 while resting.


I would definitely eat that!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks awesome from here.

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Awesome looking loin! icon14.gif

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Looks-Great.gif. Margaritas are the chit. I can and do drink them by the pitcher.

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Great looking pork! 

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Looks good icon14.gif
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Delicious looking plate!

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Great job drool.gificon14.gif


That glaze sounds good, I'll bet it kicked it up a notch sausage.gif

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Looks good, man I'm getting hungry looking at all these piks

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