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Foggy in Atlanta - Smoking Butts - First time with A-Maze-N Smoker - Q-View

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Nasty weather in Atlanta this weekend, but I've got 3 butts that weren't going to wait. Rubbed yesterday and on to the smoker this AM. First time using the A-Maze-N. 




3 Butts & A-Maze-N


A-Maze-N lit no problem, but smoke output seems a little lighter than I would prefer (I only lit one end... Next time I'll light both ends). May also be due to the 92% relative humidity today. Currently supplementing the start of the smoke with wood in the chip tray (OLP Stainless Gasser). 


Starting temps


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OK, so the A-Maze-N jumped the channel and the whole thing started to go. Spiked the temps but I pulled it out in time. No flames, just a lot of heat. I'll have to read up on it again and practice. Dust was below the top of the channels and lightly tamped. Tented it to keep grease from dripping from above and had foil below to protect it from the heat source. Any ideas?

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I'm sure Todd will be along to help you out.

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I'm sure he will. I know it's not optimum for hot smoking, but I wanted to try it. I'll definitely be using the A-Maze-N for cold smoking soon.

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 The biggest problem I see is the tent holding the heat on the sawdust. Todd found out it would jump tracks more easily when tented. If you had put a piece of foil on the shelf above it you may have had better luck. Next I would suggest double or triple layer below your AMNS to keep some heat from below it. And last of all I would have suggested the AMNPS instead of AMNS. I love mine.




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Yes the tenting has been known to cause it to jump rows. A larger - taller tent will help or a piece of foil or pan above the smoker works well too

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For hot smokes with dust in the original AMZN, I usually line the dividers with carefully cut and fitted aluminum foil.  This has stopped the row jumping problem for me.


Also, with hot smokes, I usually light two ends of the AMZN with dust.


For cold smokes on cheese I do not have to use the foil on the dividers.  Also one row lit works for me here because I use my Weber Kettle for that.


For hot smokes and larger cooking chambers, I think the AMNPs is the way to go.  When my toy budget allows?  icon_sad.gif


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks, guys - that all makes sense. Got the A-Maze-N about 3 weeks ago and this was my first chance to try it. I'll try all of your suggestions on the next smoke!




Everything came out great though. Taking half in to the office tomorrow for feedback.

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Took a few pounds to the office for lunch - didn't last long. I guess that's a good sign. Got a big thumbs up on my version of my grandfather's restaurant sauce - infused with coffee & palm sugar. Time for a nap now.

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Good looking meat!

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