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Smoked Wings

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Just got an MES for Christmas and going to try and smoke some wings for the first time. Question is, I know on most other meats you only smoke up to a point, and then just slow cook from there. Since the time to cook wings is so short, should I use smoke for the full 2-2.5 hours? Using hickory to smoke and heard that to much hickory flavor will actually taste bitter. HELP!!!

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2-2.5 hours of TBS should be fine for wings. I do wins every once in awhile and use smoke the whole time. wood is normally a mix of hickory and apple.

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Excellent, Thanks! Have you ever thrown a pan of homemade sauce in there to get a smokey flavor in that as well?

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Your time is good , the Hickory will be hearty , but not inedible , I like the heavy smoke flavor , a matter of personal choice. Cherry is a very good wood for a light sweet taste and does great with Poultry (domestic) and Pork Ribs.


A mix of fruit woods is an excellent choice also...


Have fun and...

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Kick the heat up to 275 & they will be done in about 1 3/4 hours with crispy skin. Let the smoke roll the whole time.

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Originally Posted by KrazyKarl27 View Post

Excellent, Thanks! Have you ever thrown a pan of homemade sauce in there to get a smokey flavor in that as well?

   I have tried that, it does impart a smokey flavor to the sauce.


Good luck with the wings and remember the pics biggrin.gif

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Almost anything you put in the smoker is going to take on some smoke so yes the sauce will be good . Like Al said try to do the wings at 275

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I like to use Pecan for my wings. Cherry would be good too. Got some on the smoker as I type.

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I wasn't the original poster on this thread, but I want to say thanks for the info as well. I am in the exact same boat. New MES for Christmas and I am going to run a batch of wings this weekend. I've had them at Smokey Bones and they were really good, so now I get to learn how to make them even better.



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I got a MES for Christmas also. My first smoker. Wings are one of my favorites. I pour some olive oil and rub in a ziplok bag and shake the wings. Let them sit in the fridge for a few hours. Smoke them at 225 for 2.5 hours and then toss them in Frank's Buffalo sauce. I think this is more of a BWW flavor than a Smokey Bones flavor. 50/50 mix of apple and hickory.

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