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What I would do differently in the future to assure a better turn out would be ,  to keep the probes and injectors out of your whole muscle peices of meat until they have been in the smoker for at least 3 hours or more.I personally never inject butts or Brisket.  there is allot less chance of introducing bacteria into the meat that way. and try and run the temp just a bit higher, say 225*  minimum. once they are over the danger threshold dont rush them, they will stall for awhile and will start to climb again when the connective tissue breaks down.

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I think it's pretty clear that with the therm being off by 12 degrees that you made it through the danger zone easily. Enjoy your meal.

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X3 on Erain.


Also, what is your altitude?  Boiling water test can be inaccurate:


Good luck and good smoking.

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You Are Fine...IMO,Injecting can be dangerous unless you wait, as others have mentioned, for the heat to kill any surface Bacteria...Nice Hunk 'o PIG, a spicey Rub, SMOKE and a flavorful Sweet and Tangy Finishing Sauce...Perfect Pulled Pork every time and no worries about whether it got to 140*F in 4 or 14 hours...It's about enhancing the Meat not changing the flavor.There is a lot less risk adding a little Apple Juice at the end than there is messing around with Injecting it..JJ

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Thanks for all the replies on this one. In the end, I tossed the butts. My 200 degree reading was taken on water taken straight out the micro when it was boiling. Turns out this gives you 200 while actual boiling on the stovetop gives you 212 verified by the thermos I have.


Alas, the meat was not a total waste. In my shame over not being able to get two shoulders out of the danger zone in time I took a trip around town to look at smokers. I ended up getting a Master Forge Verticle propane smoker from Lowes for $86.00 out the door. It was marked down for clearance, and the guy setting up the isle for the upcoming Q season hooked me up with another $40 off just to get the preassembled one out the way of this years model.


I preseasoned her this evening while wathcing the games and mark my words,.... there will be a redemption butt smoked this upcoming weekend.


Also, this might be the best forum on the interwebs.

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