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hey scar were did you get that pizza oven from?

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the pipeline is moving. The first batch is going down really good. Most of the friends are pleasantly surprised with how good it is. Have a batch of Shiraz Red wine that will bottle week from monday and a second batch of brew fermenting  an American pale ale. I have ordered kegs and the supplies to put two taps in the fridge. This will speed the oh pipeline up as well. I will post you a pic or two tomorrow. 

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I recall the fond memories of first batch I brewed years ago while stationed in Savannah: an India Pale Ale.   LOL  The thing I remember the most was how clean everything had to be to eliminate stray yeasts from developing versus the one I added.  Fun times!  I drank a lot of beer that summer!  Hope yours turns out as well as mine did.

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Nice job!


Good call on the brown bottles.  Lots of folks think the green or clear bottles are somehow better than brown, but they are quite wrong.

Ultraviolet light passes right through green or clear glass and reacts with the hop resins.  This reaction causes them to form a mercaptan, which is the exact chemical that skunks spray.  This is why an open-top sixer on the shelf under the lights will taste skunky, while the same bottles will not taste skunky if you buy it in a sealed cardboard box.  Brown glass blocks the UV light a lot better, so no skunks!


What was the recipe for your APA?

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