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Vertical Spits?

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I was watching Primal Grill tonight and he cooked some monster beef ribs on a vertical spit near a fire.  Looked pretty cool.  Would love to do something like this at the campground next year.  Anyone ever done this?  Know where to get them?  They might just be regular spits banged into the ground?

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You talking about one of these?...JJ



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Yea something like that.  I have an old metal bed frame out back.  Maybe i can make some.  Gotta break out my welding skills.

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He also made this salt encrusted chicken.  Used like 6lbs. of sea salt in a wood fired oven.  I wonder if you can do the whole salt crust thing in a grill?  We have done prime rib like this in a oven at a club i belong to.

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I can't see why not...If you got material and can weld, you can do it...I saw a real nice, Put it together and cook, unit online recently but can't remember where...JJ

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Salt Crust roasting is really Steaming...It can be done on a grill with indirect heat...JJ

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Worth it?  Thats alot of salt wasted.  Better of sticking a can up its butt.

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I have seen the salt crust done on a standing rib roast (prime rib to many). I go other ways, but...


Works fine, and the meat does not come out too salty.


I would say to go for it and report back?


Good luck and good smoking.

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