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Spicy Deer Sausage - Sticks with Q-View

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A couple weeks ago I ground up some deer and pork trim, mixed it up following a modified version of Al's Spicy Peperoni recipe.


Half I stuffed a pepper-garlic mix in 2-1/2 fibrous casings and 19mm collagen sticks, the other half I made ground jerky with my LEM jerky cannon.


Today I am making some regular sweet summer sausage and some SPICY GARLIC - HABENERO sausage.


Grinding it up...






Here is the batch I did a couple of weeks ago, I put allot of pepper and garlic in the 2-1/2" cased sausage and sticks, it turned out awesome. The jerky was really good too.








Pepper - Garlic!






Here is what I am doing today, on the left is 10lbs. of regular a summer sausage recipe with a little extra brown sugar and anise.


On the right is 10lbs. of EXTRA SPICY, GARLIC - HABENERO!


Oh ya! That's what I'm talking about!




I used Syracuse Casing Inc. 32 / 35mm hog cases for these.




Used my 5lb Kitchener stuffer for these













Another use for Hay Strings...






Spicy racked up and ready for the MES smoker this morning.








It's 8F degrees here this morning, the MES got to 140F for a dry out no problem.











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Looking good. Got my batch at home waiting for smoke tonight.

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Looks-Great.gif so far

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You got it down.



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Looking great!!!

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If you Hang sausage from hay string in you garage....... Youuuuuuuu might be a redneck........................biggrin.gif



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Dang another good use for baler twine! The possibilaties are endless. laugh1.gif  All of those sausages look great. icon14.gif

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Now ya started it Joe....HAHA


If you hang your smoked sausage from cotton clothes line rope....You are a Redneck...........JK


Looks good.

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I got em blooming on the strings now!


One guarantee that horses and cows bring... more hay strings! Don't leave home without them!


Thanks for the comments guys.



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that first batch ya did a while back looks awesome, maybe to  hot for me though. I bet todays comes out just as good...Thanks for sharing the Q-veiw.

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Man that looks really good! I bet one bite into the hot stuff will sure wake a guy up!!!

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Wow those are looking great.

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Do you have a recipe for the spicy sausage links you made. always looking for different tries.

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Originally Posted by wrwoelfel View Post

Do you have a recipe for the spicy sausage links you made. always looking for different tries.

You bet - I used Smokin Al's Spicy Pepperoni:


and added some Garlic, Black Pepper Corns and Ground Habenero.


Post some pics of yours, and have fun!

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