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Well, the die is cast, I ordered 195# of PorkButt for pick-up Tues. Cost was a suprizing$1.59/# and was $310.10 total. Wed. , Thur. ,and Fri. I will have some Club members here to do my running ; Hehehedevil.gif.


Get my roasters and Slowcookers together and all will be well on Sat.drool.gif


Remember, any close enough are welcome , Fostoria,Ohio  @ the Iron Coffin/MC house.

A day of fun...


Stan    aka    oldschoolbbq

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Sounds like a big day of fun.


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sixteen hour trip by car...don't think I can talk the woman into it...

you'll just have to move closer, my man...

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7.5 hours here, so don't think I can make it. Thanks for the invite though. Whats the occasion? Good luck and have some fun!

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LOL are ya sure ya ordered enough. Can't wait to see the Q-view

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It's a fund raiser for the Iron Coffin /M C.,for kids and less fortunate.


There will be more of this:


Betty 004.JPG


x3... this will be a Adults only affair... be welcome...

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You're going to be a busy man for a few days, Stan. Those butts are looking good.drool.gif

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