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First ever pepper sticks with Q-view

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sticks 010.JPGWhat goes better with beer than some kind of smoked meat?  So I thought I would try some beef sticks.  I have to admit that I did seek help for my first go around.  A friend of my Dad's has made these for years so where better to get help.  I used his grinder/stuffer and his smoker which is the same as mine, a weber smokey mountain.  Kind of cheating I think, but better than wrecking $25 worth of meat.  No secrets to the ingredients just a prepackaged stick mix with extra garlic powder and 1/4 cup of maple syrup.  I was happy enough with how they turned out (and so were my boy, the sticks were gone in 2 days) that I went out and bought a grinder/stuffer and a food saver!sticks 013.JPGsticks 014.JPG

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They look great! Nice job!

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Look great!  Welcome to your new addiction.

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Wow it looks great Looks-Great.gif

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Good looking sticks. Sticks are pretty easy to do and they taste better than what you can buy. icon14.gif

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