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Pork sirloin roast for sausage?

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I'm new to this stuff but, I am wondering if a pork sirloin roast is ok to use for brats or bologna?  Local super market has them on sale pretty cheap and was thinking about grabbing a couple to give it a try.  

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Your pork sirloin may not have enough fat to achive a good 80/20 ratio.  If you can, find some additional back fat to add to it.


Also, swing by Roll Call in introduce youself to the rest of the family- We would like to know you better!


Enjoy the Smoke!

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Sirloin Roasts are Tasty but lean...Think 4 to 1 Roast to additional Fat...JJ

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I've used lean pork loins (less than 10% fat) for sausage (not necessarily recommended as it's a bit $$ for making sausage), but as Dutch mentioned, your cut is TOO lean to not be supplemented with additional fat.


For me, pork butts are ideal for sausage as the fat/lean ration is already present.


- Kevin

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Way too lean and usually more expensive than the butt which is nearly perfect for sausage.


The sirloin roasts make excellent roasts, chops, and Canadian Bacon at a very reasonable price.


Most of the respected sources recommend 25 to 30% fat for a standard pork sausage.  You could use the sirloin, but you would have to add fat.


Good luck and good smoking.

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You can make sausage out of anything, so if they're on sale cheap enough, go for it! 


I do agree with the advice given above though, if butts are cheper buy them, and if the sirloin is cheaper then simply add some fat or use cooking techniques for ultra-low fat meats.


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