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Problem w/ Maveric 732

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Start my brisket at 6:30 (28* and very dark out) inserted the Mav probes, did the registration thing, every thing is OK.  Smoker is in doorway of metal shed.  Go inside and after a few minutes the reciever beeps, lost the signal.  Go outside, do the registration thing again, back inside, maybe 10 min pass and it beeps again.  Reciever is in my home not more than 100 ft from the smoker.  Secound time I've used it.  Anybody have any help?

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Mine has done that before too. It looses the signal, but if you wait a minute or so it will get it back, unless the metal shed is interfering with the signal.

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Shed may be part of the problem, I moved the reciever to the closest end of the house and it is holding, just not as convienent.

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