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Sliding draw hardware

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Has anyone ever put sliding hardware used on draws and pantries's on there shelves . Will the smoke gum them up to the point of not working?? I just was wondering if someone has tried it and if it worked i was thinking of doing it myself on my build but did not want to waste the time and money if it doesnt work.



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Never thought of doing that interesting idea. The smoke may give you some trouble after awhile but nothing a bit of cleaning wouldn't fix.

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I'd agree with that, you'd have to clean them on a regular basis, oil them, etc. but should work; make sure you use good quality ball bearing ones.

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What would be a good eatable oil to use????


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I wouldn't use them. You would need the heavy duty roller bearing ones and there would be no way to keep all those bearings and slides clean I don't think. They would eventually lock up. Why not just use some angle iron?

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If you were to use them, I would use a good quality Stainless steel type. As far as oiling them I would suggest using a food grade mineral oil....

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Thanks to everyone for there reply's,.........As always I have my answer....Thanx


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I really like mineral oil.  Great for cutting boards and almost any wood in the kitchen.


Never tried it under heat, tho?  I would think that it, like most other oils would gum up in the heat of the smoker.


Good luck and good smoking.

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