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JNO's Dec Throwdown

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Raost 3 Pablano Peppers till outer skin is good and black. Let cool, wash blackened outer skin off remove stem and seeds. Towel dry and set aside.








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What happened next!



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IMG00307-20111228-1841.jpgDice three large Potabella Mushrooms, 1 small onion,  and 1 freash garlic to your taste.  




combine all the above in pan and saute' with a dash of salt and pepper




Now take all the above with the Pablano peppers and run through a food processor. make a good course mesh, or is it mess?

Also at this point, Take 4 lbs chicken breast and grind also. On a cookie sheet with wax paper lay out your chicken mesh and put your Pepper,shroom,onion and garlic mesh down.








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Roll into roll, spice the outer layer with your favorite seasoning roll in foil and put in frige overnight.IMG00308-20111228-1848.jpg


Take out of frige wrap in Beacon season again and put in the oh SMOKER on 250 for about 4 hours


photo (9).JPG





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photo (15).JPG


The relish is 1 can black beans, 1 can whole corn, 1 can rotel tomatoes and cilantro to taste. And there you have it. And this post kicked my @$$, IF I DRANK I WOULD be BLASTED right now.

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AL Q-VIEW tore me a new one. Sorry it looks like hell, but I did my best. Talken bout the Q-VIEW

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Looks great J...... You were all winners.......icon14.gif





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Now thats a great looking sort of fattie I guess. But it does look like it should taste just off the hook.

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I could eat that! Thanks for the q-view

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Look yummy...........another recipe for my index.......thanks


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Looks-Great.gif another on the to do list

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nice the choice of chili, poblanos havea great flavor.

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Great looking Chicken Fattie!...Good thinking...I LOVE Chile Pablano, I use them in every recipe that calls for Green Bell Pepper...JJ

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Chef, first time I actually used them. It gave it a whole new taste. I will be using it more myself. I just had a wild hair to try it out for the throwdown and it work out very well. And Thanks.

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Just excellent from beginning to end!


I especially liked the courage to pair red wine with the chix!


With all that savory going on there I would eat AND drink that!


Good luck and good smoking.

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beercheer.gif Venture, I am a wino i will admit. Reds to me go with anything, even birthday and wedding cake, well for some. I actually baught a kit to brew and brewed my first batch of beer yesterday. I think evey good BBQ pit needs a good Brew master!

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