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Mesquite, free for pickup

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Greetings from the Phoenix, Arizona area.  I am currently pruning a mesquite tree and producing a fair amount of wood.  This is not for sale, and  I hate to simply throw away good wood that after drying will make great smoking fuel.  I smoke with apple in Wisconsin and would smoke with this if it were in Wisconsin.  But it is here in Arizona and I am not inclined to transport it back.  It is free for the picking up.  It is not in chips but small logs about 6-8" in diameter and about a foot long.  There is a quantity of other much smaller pieces.  None is dry, you would have to wait a year to use it I would guess.....but it is free if you are geographically located to make the trip productive.  You can email me if you like, I am in Fountain Hills, Arizona a sort of suburban area near Scottsdale.  I will start putting this in the trash in a couple of weeks if there is no interest in it.  If you think you might want it, speak up soon.

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Man, and my Lear Jet is on the blink.....darnfrown.gif

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Bummer, mine is too.  I didn't know how to confine this offer to the Phoenix area, but then thought....oh well.

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great jesture, if this was pecan i would be all over this, for me mesquite is a little strong for smoking but it does make for a great bed of coals to cook on for grilling. thx for putting this out there!

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Well, I can still share.  You can have whatever you want....for coals, you're right.  Works great.  Some like it for smoking, and those folks can have whatever is available.  Come get it.

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