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First Smoke--Whole Turkey

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With the help of my wife, my Masterbuilt smoker was de-flowered today. I started by brushing down the bird with a good coat of melted butter followed by a liberal coating of a cajun rub. Next, I injected an entire jar of creole butter injector marinade, covered and refigerated the bird overnite. I had previously researched cooking times and temps extensively and arrived and a cook temp/time of 275-300 F for about 6hrs. I briefed my wife on the process and plan last nite as I work long days and she came through with flying colors! She added the hickory chips, placed the bird on the top rack, placed a drip pan under it, turned the unit on and got the temp within range. She even went out to the shop to check on the smoker every hour, just as I would have. The bird was deemed done at 7PM and I arrived home from work at 7:40 and the bird was almost gone!! My wife and our boys had almost devoured the tasty treat completely. The skin was crisp, the meat was very juicy, it was definitely done but not overcooked. I am so proud of my wife and I could definitely see the sense of pride in her eyes. I just hope I havent lost my smoker to her. I am hooked now!

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Great Story!...To bad you didn't have her take pictures for some Qview...JJ

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congrats on the first of many successes!

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LOL nice job on wife's first smoke. sounds like you need an armed guard on the food as well.police2.gif


however ya know what they say worthless.gif and th_nopicsye3.gif

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Congrats to the wife on her great smoke, but she's gotta take the pics! You might have a fight on your hands now since she's started smoking...I thoroughly enjoy it

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Congrats on the Turkey your wife smoked - getting the family involved is a great thing. Next time hook her up with a camera too so we can all share in her success 

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Congrats, but as the others said we like photo's!

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Lmao! I know, I know. No pics? NEVER HAPPENED!! Trust me, there will be plenty of pics this weekend. Planning on smoking a ham and a few racks of pork ribs. I havent yet decided if they will be spare or baby back. I know I will be using the 3-2-1 method and a nice Memphis dry rub. And this time it will be ALL ME. Lol.

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