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looks good, icon14.gif

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looks good.i reckon i know whats for supper/dinner/vittles tonight.


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That is a comfort food I have never had before.  I gotta try that.  Thanks for the show.

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  Thanks everyone for the great comments, it sure was tasty biggrin.gif

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That looks delish Rap. I make Salisbury Steak on a occasion.  I need to try that method. What's the crusty potato looking substance on the side? It looks really tasty.


  Thanks Scott, that would be the wife's Broccoli Cauliflower casserole with a white cheddar sauce and bread crumbs on top, and some shredded sharp cheddar on top the last 5 Min's to brown.

It's very good.  I'll see if i can get the specifics on it and post the recipe.

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That sounds awesome. I would make that.

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That looks incredible!!!  Can't wait to give it a try myself!drool.gif

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can i get your wife's Broccoli Cauliflower casserole recipe sounds good

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Yea Boy you talking my talk now !!!!!!!  Thats just GREAT  !

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