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Smoked Sausage

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We are planning to make some smoked sausages with pork and deer.
Should the smoking cook the meat or just flavor it?
Either way.. Should a cure be used?
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If you don't use a cure you need to get the sausage above 135 degrees in 4 hours & cook it until it's 160 degrees internal meat temp. If you use a cure then you can slow smoke it over a 8-10 hour time frame.

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Al was typing at the same time as me so X2 on what he said 

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Slow smoke it up to 160 ?
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Originally Posted by ArSmokinJoe View Post

Slow smoke it up to 160 ?

No.  If it's cured it does not have to be cooked during the smoking process, although it still can be.  Usually, cured meats are "cold" smoked and then cooked to a final safe internal temp right before serving.

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