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Braille Burgers in South Africa

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It started with McDonald one of there outlet refuse entry to a blind man Because of his dog .

all the media jumped on than and they Promise it will  never Happen aging and they will sponsor a guide dog and will do menu in braille.

and wimpy jumped on the bandwagon with this clever idea of an ad

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That is very cool. Fun video to watch too 

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Yep that's way cool!


The expressions on the faces of the customers says it all.

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That is way too cool! My youngest son (24 years old) was born 15-17 weeks early and due to the high and prolonged amounts of oxygen he is blind. He would absolutely love it! Thanks for the great share

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Way cool

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For a burger today I will gladly pay you Tuesday....I had to share this with my visually impaired son that is wanting/studying to become a chef. 

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Great idea

I like it!!!! icon14.gif

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Very interesting!


A good reminder to the rest of us to use all our senses when cooking!


Good luck and good smoking.

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That was amazing!...The reactions of the people are moving...JJ

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