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My First Smoke

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Decided to go with a couple fatties for my first smoke.


The first one was:



     pineapple chunks

     green bell pepper

     a little onion


The second was:


     scrabble eggs

     bacon bits



Both seasoned inside and out with Jeff's rub










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Congrats on the maiden voyage!!!!

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Looks like a great start to your new addiction.  Well done.



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What is a fattie??

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Originally Posted by Scrappynadds View Post

What is a fattie??


Here you go:


Your imagination is your only limitation.

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Those look good, I really like the 2nd one.... I may have to try that one, it would be good to do one of those up right before a week long fishing trip.  Quick breakfast in the morning before hitting the lake.

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Congrats on your first fatties

They look great drool.gificon14.gif


Thanks for the Qview

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Congrats on two great fatties - you are hooked now 

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Good Job Cowboy!


Nice Fatties!



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Awesome job! The fatties look fabulous!

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looks good from here.  the one with eggs and bacon I like to make and bring to work, and make the whole office smell like smoked bacon, people are 52.gif what is that smell.drool.gif

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great looking fatties !!!! got to love breakfast fatties.

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Thanks everyone. The wife and kids loved them. I will definitely be making them again.


I didn't quite get as much smoky flavor as I would have liked, but with the cold temperatures and wind I had to burn the pellets a little hotter than I would have liked. So not as much smoke.


Jeff's rub was a hit too, thanks Jeff.

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You're hooked now aren't ya? LOL Those are some good looking fatties.

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It is an amazing first smoke well done 

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