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WooHooooo! Look what came today!

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HPIM4026.JPGHPIM4024.JPGHPIM4023.JPGHPIM4021.JPGHPIM4022.JPGWell my Backwoods finally came today, and so excited to get Smokin something! Ive been using a electric for about a year and a half. I decided to fire up a tray of charcoal so I could mess with the dampers and see how the temps went up and down. I think I may have started to much in the corner because its at 250 with the dampers closed and the top vent open. its been at 250 solid for about 45 minutes. I hope I dont mess myself up this weekend when I actually start smoking. just have to watch it. Gonna start less charcoal when I smoke this weekend... Yay! So Excited. My Wife asked, "What are you gonna name her" LOL!

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Sure is a Purdy smoker


How about a tour of the inside and how a backwoods is different than other charcoal smokers?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Man that's an awesome smoker.

I always wanted a Backwoods, I've seen them in action and they hold temps very well.


Congrats and bring on the Qview yahoo.gif

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Looks pretty...But does she put out?...Good Q biggrin.gif...JJ

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Yep,  you need to dirty that thing up!

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Sure is a Purdy smoker


How about a tour of the inside and how a backwoods is different than other charcoal smokers?




  Maybe he'll give us some pics, but the Backwoods is a vertical RF water smoker.They're awesome.


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Congrats on a great new toy. Lets see that baby in action

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man that looks freaking awesome!!

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Sure is brandy shiny new...better get her broke in. BTW what did you name her...lol

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WOW, that is some smoker!

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man that is nice looking. I can't wait to some action shots! post a lot please :)



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Thanks everyone. I already have the cover on her, but I will take some pics of the inside. I think I had too much Charcoal in the basket, because I could not get her below 250. but it held it. So the Question I have for all you experienced Charcoal users is, if I had the basket overloaded, will that cause more heat build up? I ignited too big of a circle to start with I think, but with the added or overloaded basket would cause excessive heat?? I would like some thoughts on this. I'm gonna smoke a couple of racks of spare ribs and a couple chickens this weekend.. Hope all my kids come over. Wife just asked, if i was overdoing it abit!!! Shes funny!  Oh and I haven't named her yet Smokin Husker.. 36.gif

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Nice to meet ya Smokin Husker...., Oh ya, you also Call The Hogs!

A good friend of mine has that model Backwoods for about 5 years now and I believe he is a member here. I will send him an email and a text to give him a heads up on this thread asking for his advice. I do know about 3 years ago he added a BBQ Guru to his Backwoods for temperature control - http://www.thebbqguru.com/

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i would love to know how many ribs you could get in that thing :)

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One thing to keep in mind is if your let the temp run up to fast it can get away on ya... And yes by starting with less lit charcoal will help control it..... Have fun and Happy smoking...Me personally i like smoking at 250F that  would be just right for me.. and is that the party model?

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dewetha, this is what Backwoods says will fit!



Meat: (approx)

18 slabs of baby back ribs
12 slabs of st. louis style ribs
6 to 8 large briskets
8 to 10 boston butts


MossyMo, I thought about ordering the Guru with the smoker but decided to learn some things the traditional way. Im sure I will be ordering one in the future!!

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tyotrain, your are correct. It is the Party.. Im kinda glad i did what i did today, because i seen first hand how it can get away from you quickly. Im excited for the Smoke this weekend though. And so is my Beer Drinking Boxer Buster!!  beercheer.gif

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I'm jealous....Looks great cant wait to see your Qview.........

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Good thinking.. Might be the best decision in the long run. "It is great to start easy, but when easy quits you may not know how to do it...."

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that is a pretty interesting company looking at the web site. I think I am going to add this to my list of my next smoker. thanks for the info.

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