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My First Pork Butt

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I got a Masterbuilt 40" electric for xmas.  I have smoked some smaller stuff like chicken thighs, and meatloaf so far.  I did a 4# butt roast.  Being that it's winter here in Iowa, I wasn't up for doing to much BBQ.  I like to do these things in the summer.  But I might as well practice up this winter.  


I didn't get any before pics, I only took pics of the finished product.  


PS Apple and cherry wood smoked.


photo 1 (6).JPGphoto 2 (6).JPG


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Nice Bark and looks great

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Looks like it came out great drool.gificon14.gif


I like the apple and cherry combo on my birds too.


Thanks for the Qview

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yum! looks good to me! I would imagine 4lbs of pulled pork doesn't last very long, I do 10lb shoulders and it never seems to be enough anymore.

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Looks great.  drool.gif

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Looks like it came out great 

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Nice bark and the meat looks like it is pretty tender.  Did you use a finishing sauce?

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Looks really good - Keep on smokin!



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Excellent looking PP. Love the bark!!

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