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Smoked Chicken Fajitas, Smoked Chicken Chipotle Burritos, Redpepper ABT Stuffed with Diced Smoked Chicken and Jalapenos, and Smoked Chicken Chipotle Tamales

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First I would like to thank the people who were involved in the hard work setting this contest up, and I would also like to thank the sponsors who were kind enough to give such awesome prizes


Ok Some times I am a bone head, and this is one of those times, I didn't know that we were supposed to post out recipe's and take pictures but I did take some pictures anyways


OK I started off dusting a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, I used cumin as the base spice since I was planning a mexican style dish

I smoked them at 275 until they were done


for the Fajitas I  sliced up some onions and red peppers and I fryed them  until they caramelized and then I sliced up the breasts and laid them on top of the peppers and onions,

served them on a flour tortilla with sour cream, lettuce, and Guac.


The Red Pepper ABT was an after thought of what to do with half of this pepper since I didn't need anymore for the fajita, to make the abt , I diced up some of the smoked chicken breast mixed it with shredded cheddar and wrapped it in bacon and then back into the smoker.


Now everything else was made with chipotle peppers, I do not usually use recipes, I generally shoot from the hip, I will try my best to describe how I made the rest


I took the remaining smoked chicken breasts and placed them in the kitchen ninja, and I added a can of chipotle peppers, I buy this at the local grocery store and have gotten them at restaurant depot, they come in a nice red sauce, I added some cumin and other spices, I turned on the ninja and chopped them together until I had a nice mixture.


I then used my kitchen ninja to make the masa for making the tamales, Some people say you need Masa Harina to make the dough but I have read that people also make it from fine ground corn meal

this I have a recipe for


Masa dough:


6 cups masa harina

5 cups warm water or low sodium chicken broth

2 cups lard (lard works best)

3TBS of onion pwdr

2TBS of cumin

3TBS of chili pwdr

2tsp of salt


mix masa flour and warm water/broth until mixed. let it set for 20min to allow masa to abosorb water/broth then mix on low till a dough forms

 then slowly add in the salt, cumin, onion pwdr by sprinkiling over the dough as you mix

in a seperate bowl whip the lard until it gets light and fluffy, add a little at a time to dough while mixing until well combined

the dough should be the consistency of peanut butter, if not add Masa flour or water as needed

this can be stored refrigerated for up to 24hrs


after you make the dough then the fun of wrapping them comes in


B4 you make your Masa dough  soak your corn husks in water, and then once you make the masa dough you pull out a corn hush dry it off and then

take a spoonful of your dough and spread it on a husk




Once you have it spread out take some of your filling (the chipotle pepper and chicken mixture)




once you have them spread out you roll them up




usually you need to fold them over and tie them up here is a pile of them




I rolled up about a dozen of these, traditionally they are steamed for a couple of hours, they are considered done when you can unwrap them and the masa dough stay formed into a tube and pulls away from the husk, I find it best to take them from the steam pot, and let them cool and dry a bit b4 eating

I also kept 2 of them out of the steamer and I put them in the smoker, they cooked alot faster than the steaming method, and they tasted pretty good too!


the burritos I used flour tortillas I threw the tortilla in the steamer with the tamales to soften them and make them pliable, I then put the same filling in the burrito but added shreded cheddar to them and rolled them up, I think it would have been awesome to add some spanish rice to them too and maybe a small amount of corn, but I didn't have either so just chicken and cheese, after rolling them I brushed the outside with olive oil and then put them in the smoker to try and color them up, and as you can see they colored up perfectly and they tasted awesome too, everyone thought the burritos were killer


here is the finished product


smoked chicken.jpg


This was my first Throwdown, I had a blast,I had more than 6hrs into making all of this and I had no one to help me as the wife was working that night


sorry I screwed up and didn't get enough pics for a better Q-view


Thanks for looking


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Harry what you put on the plate was an amazing. No apologies necessary. The many ways you used the chicken is to be commended. Thanks for sharing the process with us  

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Looks awesome!  Beautiful presentation, too!

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Thanks guys!


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Very nice Harry, 

Fantastic spread drool.gificon14.gif

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I love it for lots of reasons but firstly because its different,new, traditional & not seen way down here.aussieflag.gifThey do exist but our geography means that our Latin American /Mexican community is pretty small. If the Mexican restaurants served plates like yours in this town people would be lined up around the block!!

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That's a great looking plate Harry! Nicely done!!

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Harry it is a great dish i love it .it will go to my to do list


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Looking real tasty


makes me wanna go make some


need a couple tequilla shots with it!

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