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My First Turkey Legs

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I finally tried turkey legs.  In case this turns away some readers... I used my propane grill with and iron smoker box, not my off-set smoker.  It has been too cold to count on charcoal fire and I was shooting for a high chance of success to have some good eats for what I hoped would be a football game... my poor Broncos....


I brined my 6 turkey legs in 1-gallon of water, 1-cup sea salt, 1/2-cup brown sugar and 2-tablespoons cajun seasoning for about 12 hours.  I rinsed them off, rubbed them down with EVOO and some light cajun rub:


tl start.JPG


Put them on the top shelf of my grill (out of the pan in the picture) with half pecan half apple chips in the smoker box and let them go for about 2 hours at 250 -275.  They cooked a lot faster than I thought they would, they all reached an IT ranging from 170-190 (I was a little worried about the 190 legs....)


tl it.JPG

Once they reached the good ITs, they went back in the pan and I got the grill up to about 300- 310 with more smoke for about 20 minutes or so, added about a cup of watered down maple syrup and gave them about 15 more minutes...


tl end.JPG


They were delicious and vary well received by my friends.  They were all very juicy and tasty.  I think they could have benefited from some more smoke, next time I will put wood chips in a second pan next to the box if I do them on the grill.  Thanks for looking and thank for the tremendous resource that is SMF!



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Wow what a great color ,they look very  juice, thumb1.gif

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They look absolutely delicious! Great job!

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Great job - I bet those were mighty tasty

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Delicious they were a real treat. Sorry don't like the Broncos even though I live here. 

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Great job DW, they look awesome drool.gif



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love turkey legs and keep saying I'll try em but don't  maybe this will inspire me!


Broncos finished rough in the last game but what a hell of a season for them     I hope they keep the defense together and work Tebow all off season so he can remain QB

The Owners gotta be thrilled I'm sure all the pub doubled their yearly bottom line compared to last year!

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Looks great! Love the color.

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Why do I look before Dinner lol, They look great

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