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snacks for the games

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made a few snacks while we watched the playoffs saturday


ready for marinating


playoff 001.JPG


shrimp and scallopsfor smoe that dont like bacon


playoff 010.JPG


bacon wrapped scallops and shrimp


playoff 011.JPG


a little sausage


playoff 012.JPG


chillin and watching some ball



playoff 013.JPG


pup is eyeballing the food


playoff 014.JPG


some salmon


playoff 018.JPG


crabmeat stuffed sweet peppers and mushrooms


playoff 020.JPG



food was great  Broncos forgot to come to the game!

but we had fun


THanks for looking


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I thought it looked like he was eyeballing that beer


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Lookin good across the board...Crab and Cheese stuffed anything is good...JJ

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Awesome layout Rick!

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Nice job on the snacks Rick!  Poor puppy, hope it mends soon.

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Awesome looking food

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Great spread again Rick

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After sampling all that, I probably wouldn't have seen the end of the game. Sure looks good!

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Everything looks awesome there Rick. Now I wish my teams won today but they didn't

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Wow.  This looks great.  Of course, anything wrapped in bacon is a winner.  Definitely taking some of these ideas to use next weekend for the Super Bowl!

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