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250 fuel tank

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 i have a 250gal fuel tank im going to turn into a smoker.  My question is whats the best design laying the tank down or having it upright with a few more racks?   thanks in advance!!!

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Some metal builders will be along soon!

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My personal choice is vertical. However this is probably due to the fact I have always used verticals, and had very good luck with them. I am in no way saying, a horizontal is inferior, just never used one so I have nothing to compare. 

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its all choice and what you want to do, whole pigs are tough in a vertical, but u can gain a shelf or two more but they will be smaller so in the end its close . and if u think about it almost everyone builds a horizontal,tried and true design with few bugs and turns out great que, just throwing some thoughts in the mix good luck with your build


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