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New smoker

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I just got the Master Forge propane smoker, what is the best way to season it? I have read that 175 degrees for 60 to 75 minutes is what is recommended. What type of wood should I use?  And do you wipe out the inside of the smoker after seasoning it? Or just start smoking?

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Kyta, I would go to 200*f or more and after your initial cleaning and oil rub, leave it and start to Smoke. Let it stay heated for at least 3hr. , the wood is up to you , you should have some Maple there , a good wood for anything.


Have fun and...

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I spray olive oil on all the surfaces and grates, etc. and let 'er rip and get good and hot: 300+ degrees.  Think: "seasoning cast iron cookware."

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Yea what James said & any wood will work.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Yea what James said & any wood will work.

X3 - just make sure to clean it first without using chemicals 

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Hi Guys, I just want to clarify for when I do get my smoker...wipe all the inside down first...then spray with olive oil..... then light her up with wood in the smoker box and take her up to about 300 degrees.  I don't mean to sound thick (but I probably am)....does that process sound correct?

Thanks, Tim

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You can clean the inside of the smoker before the seasoning run if you want with something like rubbing alcohol but in my VHO, it's not necessary.  I would definitely wash the racks with soap and water or run them thru the dishwasher before the seasoning run.  The good thing about running wood during your seasoning is 2 fold, again in my VHO. First, you get a little smoke mojo inside the box before putting meat in it... and second, you can get a feel for how it smokes, how long the wood takes to burn out and how to adjust your dampers....not really sure if the smoke during seasoning really helps but I really don't think it can hurt.. plus you get the benefit of learning a little more about your smoker.



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