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Apple Wood for Smoking.....

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Hello to all SmokedFood lovers!

I'm new to this forum, and had a question for you guys..  My neighbor has a nice apple tree that is hanging over on our side of the fence and sure needs trimming..  I'm wondering if I can use this wood for smoking after I wittle the limbs down to chips..........and also, if I need to dry the wood out first.  I read somewhere on the Internet (you can read anything there, so asking youGuys opinion on this..) that you can use green apple wood for smoking, no drying necessary..  What do you think about this, and the topic of apple wood in general..  I've never used it before..

Thanks in advance for any input you might have....!

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Apple is fantastic for smoking -- especially for a lighter taste on fish, poultry, cheeses.  A lot of folks combine it with other woods for a blended taste.


I only use woods after they are seasoned.

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Love me some Apple Wood...Welcome to SMF>>>

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Apple is a great wood for smoking 


Please do us a favor - update your profile with your location then stop by roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you an SMF welcome 

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