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planting onions

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i am ready to plant onions but i wasn't watching the moon and now it is waning. i gotta wait 'till jan 26

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Maybe that's my problem   Never had any luck with onions

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hmm never heard of that one, whats the reason?


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They grow in my grass all sommer long...........................biggrin.gif



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Must be nice to even consider planting onions this time of the year. With the permafrost here in Wisconsin we are lucky to plant anything by the first of May...Lol

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Brides dad always planted by the moon... he had great crops from his garden... Good luck with your onions...

Some folks plant them in the fall, same as I plant garlic.... cover with straw and harvest in June/July.... Seems some root crops really like the cold winter "dormant" rest period to form roots... Dave

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i grew up around a lot of old farmers and it's just the way i learned. don't kill hogs, chickens or steers when the moon is waning or the meat will shrink when cooked up. no black cats in the barn (bad luck). don't back a horse into the barn (it won't come back out) and don't mess with granny when she is drinkin etc. when i started farming on my own i tried to follow the advice except for planting fields. you gotta make hay when the sun shines and make haste when it don't. i still don't kill chickens until the moon is waxing. there are times to plant and times to kill (weeds, etc). i havn't missed an issue of the farmers almanac in 50 years. old habits die hard.


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I have heard of planting by the moon.  My grandfather says to plant veggies that are above ground (like tomatoes and such) when the moon is out and plant potatoes and such when there is no moon.  crazy. 

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Wow no wonder I can never grow a decent onion crop - interesting thread 

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