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VacuumSealersUnlimited Customer service

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I know a lot of you are buying your vacuum bags from I have a large supply of foodsaver bags so I haven't bought from them yet. I will in the future. The reason for this post is yesterday I did place an order with them for 6 of the small canisters, but when I got to checkout the shipping was $54. That seemed awfully high to me so I didn't place the order. I called them on the phone & Lisa answered. She was in her car on the way home for one of her kids hockey games & said she would look into it as soon as she got home. She called me back in a few minutes & said it was taken care of & if I wanted to I could just place the order with her right now over the phone. I didn't want to tie her up & said I would just order online. I went back & placed the order & this time the shipping was $43. Still too high. I sent her a PM, and within 10 minutes she called me on the phone & said she needs to find out what is wrong with her website and to place the order & she would ship it free of charge. Now that's good customer service. I think we can add her to the list along with Todd for having great customer service & great products. Now that we have 2 on the list, I guess we will be looking for #3.

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Now that was some really great customer service for sure there Al. I hope that we can add them to the good customer list too. Did you ask her if her kids won the hockey game???? 

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This is why so many of us recommend her. I personally am looking to meeting her at one of the So Ca Smoker events 

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I always thought Todd was the only person left out there doing business the old way.  Then I called Lisa and placed an order at 


We are fortunate to have these two companies to deal with.  No worries when I deal with these folks!


Good luck and good smoking.

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