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1st try

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well all is well in colorado springs a balmy 60 degress wow what a day.well fired up the smoker mb propane and gave it a try did some chicken breast as a start they came out really good meat was great and juicy rub was good smoke was not so good used cherry wood for 2 hrs not much smoke flavor. had fun will keep trying practice makes perfect.DSCN1513.JPGDSCN1514.JPG

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Let me get this right you only had the breast in the smoker for 2 hour???? Or smokefor only 2 hours???? Now I see your thermo probe so did you have it into the breast and take them to atleast 165° IT.???? I'm asking cause the chicken looks alittle short of done to me.

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in for 3 hrs smoke for 2 hrs temp on chic was 170 chic was done clear though tasted great .just not much smoke flavor

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What temp did you smoke them at?

Mind sharing what they were rubbed with?

Chick looks good and with an IT of 170 it was done.

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Very nice color bet they taste good

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They are looking tasty!...JJ

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They sure look excellent from here!

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hi, it was 230ish had a little wind. dont mind at all it was jeffs rib rub and it was good wife and son liked it.but used cherry chips not much smoke flavor

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Chicken looks Yummy! icon14.gif

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Cherry is a very mild smoke. you might try mixing it with hickory, for a slightly stronger smoke flavor.

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That's some good lookin the color. I use a bit of mesquite with my cherry or apple. Happy Smoking drool.gif

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@bngood - I'm in Louisville, CO and I thought I smelled some chicken smokeN coming from the south the other day!

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Well they looked good for sure. Cherry and Apple are on the bottom end of the flavor scale. Hickory and Mesquite being on the top as far as intensity 

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im glad the smoke got that far north.ha ha/// are you close to boulder

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well i did say 1st try,glad you all are out there and have my back because i dont no what im doing

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From the outside i have to agree they dont look like they've been in a smoker for long enough to be done, but great job if they are, they look pretty good!

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