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1st Q-View Chicken Thighs

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I haven't done a Q-View before but after last nights thighs I had to share.


I seasoned with Weber Kick'N Chicken w/ EVOO.

Kickin Chicken.jpg

I grilled them on my Weber 22.5" One Touch grill. Smoke with Oak lump and soaked apple chips.



Plate view with spinach, cole slaw and stuffing.




The skin was crisp and when we bit into the thigh it was firm and moist.






Thanks for looking

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Looks delicious! Great job!

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That is the setup I use for most of my thighs.


Yours look great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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nice & juicy!  Congrats!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Looks delicious! Great job!



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Great job - congrats 

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Nothing like getting your mouth around some nice warm juicy thighs! 

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Looks good from here.

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Looks good...JJ

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chicken thighs are some of my favs and they look good!!!

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Looks great! How long did you have them on the grill?

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Originally Posted by Hodgepodge View Post

Looks great! How long did you have them on the grill?

I only smoked them for 1.5 hours using a water tray underneath. Sometimes I use a flat piece of foil instead of the water.



What that does is cooks it in about 45 minutes with skin that is as crispy as potato chips. I know this isn't a long smoking process but I can still get the great taste of whatever wood that I'm using. I just use a little bit more than TBS.icon_lol.gif


I like the foil method best because if my wife has chicken thawed, I can start a chimney, soak some chips, prep the chicken and be eating in just over an hour and a half. The water tray adds time but makes it jucier. I have to slide the chicken over direct coals for the last 5 minutes or so to get the cracklin' crispy skin that we like.


Thanks for looking, I have to go check the cheese. (Thread to follow later today). I'm also doing 4 types of almonds after the cheese comes out in ~3 more hours.



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