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Man those came out great - congrats 

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nice looking bacon thanks new here and new too smoking got some bacon curing right now and found your post very helpful

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How did I miss this? That bacon is absolutely beautiful and I'll bet it tasted great! Nice job

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I recently made my first bacon as well. Now, other than it was a little salty. I had it in course salt, pepper and brown sugar for 7 days. I also made me a cold smoker with a 22 cubic inch freezer and my charbroil electric smoker. I put 10 lbs of ice in the bottom of the old freezer and pumped smoke in to the side of the freezer with a vent. I kept the freezer below 60 degrees for over 8 hours.

My only problem was I should have cut most of the skin and fat off before the salting process. But your right, this is the best bacon I ever ate... Cant wait to do the next one.

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