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Need fast prep to smoke ribs

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Last minute decision to smoke ribs for this evening and don't have time to put rub on ribs.  Anyone have a quick flavorful idea?

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Confused, if you have time to rub your hand over the ribs, you have time to put on a rub.  I like a little of my pork rub and then brown sugar

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rub with olive oil. spread rub. let sit while smoker gets ready. about as fast as can be

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Like they said, just rub them now and they'll be fine. If you don't have any rub prepared, just toss one together. In a pinch a basic sugar/salt mixture will give you a little crust and seasoning. Add some chili powder, garlic and onion and some cayenne for heat and you're on the express bus to flavor town. ( to borrow a phrase from Guy Fieri)

The most important thing is the temperature and time. A lot of people smoke ribs with NOTHING ADDED. Just meat and smoke. Get the texture right and they'll be great no matter what.

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Coat with EVOO, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Your good to go!

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