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Im popping my Brisket cherry.

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Well tomorrow I will be doing two of them, both about 4lbs. One is a dry rub (cajun) and one a (brisket marinade) by gold buckle, it sounded good. I will also be using cherry wood to smoke them.


After reading a few threads I came across one by elohel "I hate brisket" and found out a few things I didnt know or would have thought of doing to make it right. I will be taking pictures and will post them up. I feel that I now have a fighting chance after reading some of the threads on here and all the help you guys have given alot of the new smokers on here.


The only thing I didnt think to search for  (cause it just came to mind) is 4lbs to small and will I run into any problems?


Thanks for looking, even if it comes out bad I will still post pictures, so others can see what NOT to do.

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I have tried the smaller briskets, and didn't like the results. I use full packers. With that said if there is enough fat in it you will most likely be fine. If the brisket is very lean then I suggest you cover it with bacon, to help keep it moist. As the bacon fat renders out replace it. I personally have not used this technique but I recall reading it, and I believe it was here.

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I have read the bacon thing on here as well. They both have a good amount of fat, and I didnt cut any off.

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On a small brisket you will need to foil it at 165 to keep it moist. Put some beef stock in the foil ( I use a foil pan with foil on top ), then take it to 195-200 IT. Rest it for an hour & slice away.

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Thanks Al. The plan was to foil at about 160-170 and let it rest for an hour once I pulled it. I have foil pans and still haven't decided on what I want to put in there, I'm also gonna injected with beer before I put them on.
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You could also layer some fatty bacon on top of it for the fat and this will help with the moisture. Good luck
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Yes, Packers are the waY TO GO! I suggest leaving the lid to your Smoker closed until you target temp. is reached , thus retaining moisture and lowering cooking time.The more you look the more time it will take. You set up a convection current in the Smoker that helps keep the heat even and if you temps. are right ( a good tyrem.) , you will create a really nice Bark and flavor.


Just a suggestion...


Stan      aka      oldschoolbbq


Have fun and...

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Been in the smoker for about 3hrs, IT is 125 on one and the other 130. So far they look good.
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Flavor is there, but it was a bot dry. They all said it was good but I know dry.
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Well here are some pictures. Like I said it was a bit dry, but all in all Im happy it wasnt really dry. Im sure my next one will be better.100MEDIA$IMAG0365.jpg100MEDIA$IMAG0366.jpg

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