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still learning

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What is SPOG ???? getting ready 2 do roast beef been reading what 2 rub with understand most but not this one please help

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 Salt, Pepper, Onion powder, Garlic Powder


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Originally Posted by eman View Post

 Salt, Pepper, Onion powder, Garlic Powder




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thank you i feel like a ding ding duh

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Don't see that one here, but most know what it means.


No list will be complete cause people seem to make them up every day?


This could give you a start:

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Hey when I first joined up here, I didn't know what S&P was!

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i dont believe you Al    LOL :)

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Also, I understand what WIKI is but what does it stand for?? i read the article but I never seen what it means.

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I just learned what ABT was last night and I plan on adding them to next weekends smoke :) 

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cromag..  once you add ABT to your smokes.. you will always have ABTs on your smokes.. they are AWESOME!

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X2 on the ABT's... if the smoker is lit, ABTs are going in!

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ABT's are a staple here

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Is there a consensus on the best stuffing for ABTs?  I've never made them, but they're on the list of things I'm gonna do for the Superbowl.


I was thinking about mixing together ground ground elk, diced onions, cilantro, a little bit of lime juice (I love fresh mex style cooking) and maybe some cream cheese.  I think the cream cheese would do OK with that mix.  Anyway, ABTs sound like they're one of those things that are hard to screw up, so you just pitch together what you think would be good and get them into the smoker.  Am I wrong about that?

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My favorite filling is Cream Cheese -Chorizo - Onion- Chipotle Powder - Shredded  Monterey Jack and Cheddar  - Green Onion. Partially cooked Bacon wrap dusted with Chipotle  

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ABT's done always here to, helps in avoiding the IIDY  ( IIt Done Yet ) for the rest of the smoke 

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