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I said that in front of my wife once, Al.....wife.gif




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just foiled the ribs, did the butts earlier but forgot to take a pic.

The ribs are tender and delicious already. The butts are at 192, the drumsticks are at 180.

Everything is looking good.


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You in the Outter Banx Greycat? We should get together one weekend this summer! grilling_smilie.gif

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Looking good and sounds like everything is under control!  Sweet!

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Not actually in OBX but not too far away either....

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Be sure the Poultry is on the Bottom , under the other meat---cross contamination.icon_eek.gif


Have fun and...

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I thought of that... actually I just didn't want turkey juice running onto the pork


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Looking good, well done

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It turned out to be a very successful smoke.  Everyone raved about the pulled pork. The drumsticks were very tender and ful of flavor.


The butts after resting in a cooler for an hour.





Pulled and sauced meat.





The ribs. They were very good, maybe just a liitle over cooked.  After I removed them from the foil I grabbed the wrong bottle

and covered them in katsup!  They kind of desintegrated while I was wiping them off, other than that no ill effects.



The Drumsticks. I've never eaten many, but these were the best ever.


Thanks for all the advise and input everybody, it was a tremendous help!

I'll be back next weekend.

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looks great and well done

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