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Brisket help!

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Hey all,

I started smoking a 6.5 pound brisket flat about two hours ago. I just checked the internal temp — it's already 138*. Isn't that too high too fast?


More details: I'm smoking in a Masterbuilt at 225*. Applied a rub last night and then this morning let the brisket warm to room temp before smoking.


If anyone has suggestions, please let me know — thanks!



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If you let the meat warn to room temp it could go pretty fast. How long was it sitting out and what is room temp?

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Sat out two hours (longer than I wanted — had to clean the smoker grates). Room temp is about 68*.


Also, brisket is not being served till 7:30ish tonight. Any tips on keeping it warm and juicy till then?



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You can just pull it at temp foil it up good wrap that baby up in some towels then put in a empty cooler and it will still be nice and hot!

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Originally Posted by sunman76 View Post

You can just pull it at temp foil it up good wrap that baby up in some towels then put in a empty cooler and it will still be nice and hot!


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Originally Posted by Smoking Bear View Post


your welcome ...  Just don't get the wife's good towels.. wife.gif  icon_wink.gif


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I wouldn't worry about it, it will slow way down as the internal temp rises. It's always a good idea to take the meat from the fridge & put it right in the smoker. Especially if it's a big piece of meat & you have to get it to 135 in 4 hours to be safe. You have already wasted 2 hours on the counter. So you only have two hours left to get it to 135. In your case you made it. So just sit back with a beer & see what happens.

The other thing is, are you sure your temp in the smoker is 225. If your going by the MES temp probe or controller they can be off by a large amount. Hopefully you have a digital probe at the grate level to monitor the smoker temp.

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listen to al and all the oter guys they know their sh%& good point by al about time on counter

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Don't forget the cold beer, patience, and keeping a close eye on your temps!


Good luck and good smoking.

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2 hours out of fridge is a long time. I pull mine and re-rub after I fire smoker to preheat. It's out of fridge 30-45 min tops.

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Thanks again for all the help. Despite those early mistakes, the brisket came out pretty good. I forgot to take a picture right before slicing (the beers' fault), so no q-view. Guess y'all will just have to take me at my word!


Also, I have to say my wife and I were amazed by the results of wrapping the brisket in foil, then wrapping in blankets and sticking it in a cooler. Can't believe that keeps the brisket so warm and juicy.

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Glad it worked out for you!

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