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Congrats Craig!  best wishes in the future and like most have said, thank the FIL for his service to our GREAT COUNTRY.  Because of the sacrifice from men and women like him we can have a great site like this.



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Congrats Craig. icon14.gif
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congrats! i got 25 years of wedded bliss under my belt  (along with some pulled pork)  just remember she is always right and your life will be easy   


redneck wedding cake.png


beautiful cake



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Congratulations Craig, Wishing you both a long and happy, smoking, future together. 






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Congrats!!! Now The Woman becomes The Wife

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Awesome Craig!!!! Hope your marriage is filled with health and happiness. Glad you found someone special to spend your life with!!!Beer.gif

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Congratulations Craig. Wish you many years of happiness. Have you talked about having kids? ROTF.gif

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Congrats Craig!

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Congrats neighbor

Are you gonna smoke some ribs for your honeymoon?  biggrin.gif

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Well Congratulations Craig. I hope you two have years of happiness.


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 Congrats Craig and to the Lady

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Congrats - the roads always shorter when two travel together - been married 51+ and we've been over a lot of roads together.  Thanks to the Vet, those wern't the best of times!


Who gets control of the smoker?

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congrats and God bless

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Congrats and was her dress made out of some (not much) of that bacon you just made?????

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Congratulations !!!!!

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