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The big day!!

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The Woman and I have been together for a little over 4 years.


This morning we are going to the courthouse and get married!!


Her dad, an 82 Year old USMC Korean War combat decorated Veteran will be giving the bride away!!



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Congratulations Craig. It is about time she made an honest man of you biggrin.gif

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Gongrats thumb1.gif and a big THANK YOU to dad for his service!!

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Congratulations Craig!  Wishing you and your new wife nothing but the best!



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Congrats Craig... I can see domesticated recipes in your future (maybe).. biggrin.gif.. All the best to you and your bride.... Thank dad for his service to our great country..... Dave

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LOL just kiddn CONGRATS and do give thanks to the father of the Bride PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Congrats Craig!  Awesome stuff, and ask your new Father In Law for some stories about Chesty...Puller!

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Congrats to both of you!!!

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Congratulations Craig! I wish you both many years of happiness together!

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Congrats, Craig!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Congrats Craig!  best wishes!

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Congratulations! Now, isn't it the wife's role to do all the cooking? Guess you need to give her the keys to the smoker...
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Congrats Craig! You should smoke some sausage to celebrate ;)

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Congrats Craig..........nice knowing ya, hope she lets ya check in here once in awhile


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Congratulations and best wishes to you and your bride.

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Thanks fellas!!



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My wife and I are heading towards our 30 year anniversary this June. I wish you the same luck and happiness that my wife and I have shared over the years.

Best of luck!



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Big Congrats!!

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It's about time you made her a respectable Woman , Craig. I know you'll be happy(what with the trial period).



And give the Fil a hardy handshake for what he's done,during and after the War(meaning the daughter) LOL~!.


Stan      aka      oldschoolbbq



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Congrats to you both

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