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I love this stuff but was wondering how it would hold up if I froze it.  Also, anyone ever smoke it.  Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Grabber, morning....  Never had Boudain... Should freeze OK.... I would use vac-pack bags.... As far as smoking.... If it was purchased as "fresh Sausage" it does not have cure in it and care should be taken to smoke and heat it to an IT (internal temp) of at least 145*F in less than 4 hours.... If it is "fully cooked and ready to eat" you could add smoke to it if the smoker is held at 160*F during smoking...

SMOKING FRESH SAUSAGE... Heating could include putting the sausage in 180*F simmering water or beer for the final sprint to the finish temp.... Say, 3 hours or so in the smoke and into the bath for the last bit to finish the cooking...



Just not sure what you have going to be positive about the help here.... Sorry about that....  Dave 

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I just made 32 links last weekend . I froze mine in ziplock bags . I tried to vac seal but it was smashing the links to much . Next time I will freeze them first then vac seal them or use freezer paper .
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Never made Boudin but I know the meat is boiled before stuffing and rice is added with it. It has pork liver liver and heart also stuffed into casings.... I dont know if its recooked or smoked but smoke away.... I am sure it wouldnt hurt... I would follow the 40 to 140 in 4 hr rule being its not cured



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Grabber,  remember  cooked rice in general doesn't hold up well in the freezer,  It gets, well, just yucky in my opinion, looses it's texture and gets kind of crumbly. 


If you freeze, freeze don't forget about it.  Use it in a couple of weeks.   We had a recent thread where a member decided to smoke boudin after putting it together.   Normally all ingredients are stuffed into the casings and then boiled or steamed just prior to serving.   You may want to look around for the earlier post and see how it worked out.  If I where to do it I would fully cook the links in boiling water and then maybe smoke for an hour or two to warm and put some nice smokey flavor into it.


The other option is to use some ground pork in the boudin in addition to the liver.  You can smoke the ground pork and then stuff the sausage, that should give you a bit deeper smoke taste.


Let us know how it works out for you.



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Hey grabber. How about filling out your profile.................





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Thanks Joe..... Now I know about Boudain...  Dave


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Watch this




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Now I have never tried to make or freeze boudain maybe cause I like it too much and it never makes it past the stove. Now I would imagine that it would take to smoking pretty darn well cause it just could hang or sit there and get the smokey flavors. I don't know but maybe you have intrigued me enough to find out cause I do have that cooking feeling coming on.

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