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What Smoker to Buy??

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Hey Guys,


My wife wants to buy me a smoker/grill for my birthday, the thing is I want to buy the best smoker I can for the money we have to spend, about $400.  I went to Academy and saw some Old Country BBQ Pit Smokers.  The one in the store cost $1000, but looked very well built.  Then I saw the Pecos Smoker (by Old Country BBQ) that was $399, on a list of pits they can order.  It looks like a descent pit but can't tell from a picture.  Then I started reading some forums in here and lot of people have been talking about the Brinkman Trailmaster LE, and how it's a good starter smoker.  I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which one to purchase.  I really like the side box type smoker/grills, because I would still like to BBQ in the main box on occasion, so I feel this will suit both needs.  I would appreciate anyones feed back as well as sugestions for other smokers.





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A good, heavy gauge steel (1/8" thick) smoker will serve both smoking & grilling needs well.  Heavier/thicker metal holds temperatures more steady.  Save some of the budget for modifications though; there are a lot of ways to improve performance -- some cheap and some take a few extra bucks.  Search the forum for Side Fire Box modifications.


Remember, you can smoke stuff in a cardboard box or terra cotta pots, so it's not just about the smoker unit.  It's about learning how to run it to get the most out of it and get a good product.


Let us know what you wind up getting!

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Check out a Weber Smoky Mountain 22.5. Best charcoal smoker made in your price range. IMHO.

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Andre, I don't know if you have your heart set on a Horizontal Offset like the ones you mentioned but if I was going to purchase a Charcoal Smoker again, I would go with a Weber Smokey Mountain 18 or 22. From what I have heard they do a super job right out of the box and are within your price range...I have a New Braunsfel which is very similar to what you are looking at. It is an ok smoker but requires several modifications to be a great smoker. It makes a decent Charcoal Grill but the high heat of burning charcoal in the smoke chamber took the paint off and it started to rust requiring a lot of maintenance. In the long run I think you may be happier with a dedicated Smoker and pick up a seperate grill...There are also some great options in smokers that use Electric and Propane...Good luck with your Quest...JJ

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