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need advice on manufacturers

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have my heart set on replacing old electric starter smoker with a propane model.smoke hollow model that has the 2-10,000btu burner and separate burner access door sounds good at $400,but a smaller smoke hollow i've seen at gander mount.seemed flimsy,light gage sheetmetal.the smokevault sittng next to it seemed sturdier but single door only with no remote access to feed wood,they offer a 20,000btu burner model also which i feel may offer the flexibility of baking/roasting temps.masterbuilts isee on these sites also look good.i just have a hard time buying something i cant put my hands on first.also does anyone make an insulated model.i know people sometimes think what they own is best,i sometimes feel that way,while i am interested in all input i especially would like like first hand comparisons.thanks i know i'll get lots of help here.

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I have the smoke vault 24" and it's contructed well and has withstood a couple years of smoking atleast acouple times a week. Now I have also found that it recovers very well and fast to. So I hope this helps you out and now if you would can you stop on into Roll Call an introduce yourself and we can give you a proper SMF welcome.

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thanks, quick recovery should make 2nd door a nonessential factor.not sure what 'roll call' is ,i see nothing like that but i am not computer savvy and navigation is difficult for me as is typing,sorry if i didn't follow proper protocall

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