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Chunks vs Chips

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I have always used chips in my gas smoker ( Brinkman Vertical Propane Smoker).  I needed more and ordered chunks my mistake. I was wondering if anyone has or does us chunks in a propane smoker.  I am thinking if should still work.  Heat is heat, but was wondering??

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I use a mix of both, the chips get smoking faster and burn out then the chunks take over.  If I have too many chunks I always can get out the hatchet to make some chips.


It seems to work for me.


Good luck,



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I like to use both also. I put some chips in to get the smoke going quicker and have some larger chunks that catch up after. If the chunks are too big I just get my hatchet and split them up smaller.

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I use both as well

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Same here! Both, but mostly chunks.

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Yes, what they all said.


I prefer chunks in my gasser.  They last much longer.  Sometimes I find a wood I want and it is only available in chips. 

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Like everyone else here is saying I have been using both for years now.

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