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MES 30

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I bought a MES 30 a few days ago ----added chips---- it started to puff like a train out the top  vent and side chip tray is this normal never had a smoker do this any ideas

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BBQDISC, check out this thread, JJ was having the same issue in his MES40, should help with your problem.



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I have 2 neighbors who have the MES 30. They both do this when they have to many chips in them. I just bought one myself but it hasn't arrived yet. 

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did you have the smoker on a high temperature? most people will tell you not to soak your chips, or not to spray your saw dust, but if you did you would get a more consistent smoke out of it, it would have less of a chance of flare ups like you had, and  some folks will tell you the smoke flavor will be less bitter, all personal preference,

IF your making sausage and are trying to smoke at a low temperature if you wet your chips down you probably wont ever see smoke but at low temps I have never had mine flare up either.

also the little flare up episodes probably wouldnt have much effect  on what ever your smoking, again unless it is sausage

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yes it was at high temp--------- have not soaked the Chips yet will try and any luck with pellets

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 Sounds like you are putting too many chips in at once. If you soak them, they won't smoke until they dry out, and they will most likely all dry out about the same time and you are back to square one.

Try adding less or adding some dry (for smoke at once) and some wet (to dry later) for a longer smoke time before tending or try small chunks instead of chips, or a small amount of chips and a couple of chunks at the same time. See what works best for you.

The absolute best cure is to get an AMNPS and find out how great they work. I wouldn't part with mine.




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Yep the easy answer is the AMNPS!

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