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I had forgotten about that episode with the school lockers! some hot plates come with a temperature control, i have an old one that is used to melt lead that did not have one so i wired a dimmer switch in line to adjust the current. (you are on your own with this type of set-up) icon_biggrin.gif

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I smoke cheese quite frequently with the soldering iron (Harbor Freight $4.29) and tin can. My first soldering iron lasted roughly six months and I also use it in the smoker when smoking at the lower temps because as we all know the MES doesn't start smoking til 180* or higher. I use pellets for smoking as I get about an 1 1/2 hrs of smoke from a 1/4 cup of pellets. As long as I have the temp below 170* I've had no issues with the heat affecting my soldering iron. 

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Quick follow-up question:  for those of you who have used or currently use the can / soldering iron method, do you have your iron running through a hole in the top of your can and the tip down into the chips or do you run your iron through a hole drilled in the side of the can ?


I've now got my materials gathered and wanted to give a try but wasn't sure if one way tended to work better than the other ?

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Myself I run it threw the side at the bottom. I don't shake the can to much ad pack the chips in to tight as it doesn't seem to work as well..

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Roger that - thanks for the response !

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