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a day of smoking ribs and some butt on my Meadow Creek PR36

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so I had picked up two racks of baby back ribs ( I had failed badly with spare ribs) and wanted to give it a go on Sunday. I also picked up a 6 pound butt as they were on sale. I put on some rub the night before and vac packed them.



Got the smoker set-up around 8am and dusted the ribs and butt one more time.




I did the ribs with the 2 (on the rack)-2 (wrapped in foil)-1 (back on the rack).





Then put some sauce (12 Bones Blueberry Chipote and Famous Daves) and left them for 30 min



The ribs were GREAT!!!!! nice and tender and moist!!! The Butt turend out too BUT didn't finish until late and then I left it out all night ont he kitchen counter!!!!


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Oh yea i used hickory and pecan wood and pellets on top of the charcoal.... great smoke flavor!!!!

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It looks amazing  what a great color .

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They look delicious!


Nice job!

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Those turned out great 

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I like mine also. Its a workhorse.


Fitted mine with a pitmasterIQ







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Nice looking ribs, Boss! icon14.gif

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Looks awesome!


I love the way the meat creeps up the bones exposing the end of the bones when done. Awesome! My only complaint is the famous daves sauce. Im not a fan of famous daves.


Please enlighten me on how you failed badly with spares....



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Sure.... on the spares (one time included a rack of berkshire) I would try both the 3-2-1 and 2-2-1 but they would be dried out.... just like cardboard. This happened about 4 times. The racks that I had smoked did not have much meat or fat on them which in my mind is the reason they were so dry. So I gave it a go on the babys and they had about twice the meat and fat. Also this time I double stacked the ribs in the foil and double wrapped the foil (thanks to a re-education from Eric at Mason Dixon BBQ Services when i picked up some bags of charcoal).

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Hello there, I was wondering how'd u like your IQ 110? I'm looking forward to buy one. Also, what kind of adapter kit did you use, I'm also the proud owner of a PR36.


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