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I would like to invite everyone to the Texas Members group.  Weather you are from Texas or just want hang us with us all are welcome.  Lets start off with a reintroduction with what part of the state we are in.


My name is E.J. I am located in Spring, Texas but am originally from Freer, Texas.  Love to cook anything and everything.

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My name is Jeff, I am from the Southeast Texas area (Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange known as The Golden Triangle, but I live in Buna to be exact).  Been on here almost a month and joined the Texas Group yesterday.  Website is already a wealth of info, it can only get better with a Texas group.  LOL

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Been doing ribs, brisket and pork butts for a while.  Just moving into bacon, and sausage (fresh and smoked).  Looking forward to making cured/dried sausage next.



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