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Sausage Tube Help

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I need some more varieties for sizes and lengths of sausage tubes for my grinder. My grinder is the Waring MG800 and it came with a Large and Small tube. They pretty much work for most things but I want a better small one and a longer small one (maybe 3/8" long tube for snack sticks, etc). 


Does anyone have this grinder that purchased some other tubes?


Most grinders seem to have a "#" associated with them but I can't find anything about the MG800.


I wasn't sure if most tubes are standard and universal.


Does anyone have any insight on plastic vs metal?


Thank you!


Here's the measurements if that will help:



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You might try Bass Pro Shop or some of the Sausage Equipment  Catalogs. I have always bought mine at Bass pro..

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Bass Pro Shop here too or Sausage Maker has some too 

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