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Yea I wasn't in a picture taking mood a 4:30 am either.

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Now I'm hungry! Looks like a success and the sandwich, well MMMMMMM is all I can say. I use those sandwich thins for breakfast fatty, egg and cheese sandwiches when we go out on the atvs. Good luck on your next smoking endeavor and we'll be waiting for more q-view.

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Yea, the sandwich was a little thin on Q for a meal but it was a great snack. Those sandwich thins are nice. Just enough bread to hold everything together. I'll have to make a breakfast fatty before too long.



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The meat with just brown sugar was a little milder but it was also a little bit dryer than the other.  I'm not sure what would cause one to be dryer than the other since they were right next to each other.  But both were delicious.  I had the fat side up.  Not for any particular reason, I just didn't know to do it differently. 


I know what you mean about addiction.  I don't think I've used my gas grill since I started smoking.  After I smoked my first chicken my wife told me she never wanted grilled chicken again!  I'm planning on smoking about 15 pounds of summer sausage and 5 pounds of snack sticks this weekend. I've never done snack sticks but I'm guessing it's not a lot different than other sausage. The only problem I've found with smoking summer sausage is that when I first did some I was so proud I let everybody try it.  Now everybody wants some!

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Now that you mention it I believe my brown sugar only one was also slightly dryer. I may brine my unseasoned one in a sugar salt mixture next time to enhance the flavor and add moisture.


I volunteered to make ribs for my Mother's group and one of the ladys had to take some home with her. So I know what you mean. Here is a link if you want to see them.

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