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Vegetable Suggestions for Michigan?

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So, its a bit early to do planning but I figure I might as well be prepared.


Anyways on to the meat of the question.  I have a rather large (for suburban detroit anyways) vegetable garden (about 20 feet by 4 or 5 feet) and I usually stick to some staple veggies to grow (tomatoes, squashes, peppers) but I am looking for something new and delicious to grow this year.  I tried brussels sprouts last year and they were fantastic, for 50 cents I got about 8 lbs of the things.


Any good vegetables to try growing? We have a varmin problem so leafy things don't tend to last no matter how I decide to keep them away ( and some of them are the large antlered type of varmin so I can't do anything about them).


Thanks for your suggestions!

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In addition to your crops, we grow pole beans (Blue Lake variety) and eggplant out here.  We eat half the beans right off the trellis, and eggplant is incredibly versatile and tasty in many dishes.


I can also help with the larger vermin you're dealing with -- real quite-like (lol)!  Some of that would go great with your veggies!

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Things with antlers make fine sausage.

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I like growing potatoes ,onions and herbs.Here is my potato plant from last year.2011 aug 536.jpg

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We grow a lot of squash and peppers too. Have had 2 good years with artichokes then 2 not so good  

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Not sure about your climate, but here, a few snow pea plants will give more than a family can eat.


Snow peas and venison sausage?


Good luck and good smoking.

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You may want to try a few root vegetable's...carrots... rutabagas..turnups...radishes...etc. They grow well and are excellent additions to stews and soups. There is nothing like fresh green onions from the garden also!!!drool.gif

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